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Bridport have returned three positive Covid-19 tests Picture: NEIL WALTON
Joe Elsworth, right, took 4-18 for Uplyme Picture: ULRCC
Beaminster captain Ross Baker, right Picture: GRAHAM HUNT
Bridport boss Rob Marquis, right
	       Picture: STEPHEN BARRETT
Uplyme's Mark Batey scored 69 not out 	       Picture: GRAHAM HUNT
Beaminster's Chris Park, right, scored a blistering century 	              Picture: GRAHAM HUNT PHOTOGRAPHY
Curtis Hansford, left, scored Bridport's first goal against Balti 		       Picture: STEPHEN BARRETT
Rob Marquis and Shaun Annetts Picture: STEPHEN BARRETT
Bridport have signed 22 players in one night Picture: NEIL WALTON
A second Bridport player has tested positive for Covid-19 Picture: NEIL WALTON