MIKE Rose set a new West Bay Sea Angling Club record by becoming the first member to catch a blue skate.

Rose’s 4kg 270g haul also won him the best fish prize at the meet in West Bexington, although Steve Harwood won 12 points to take the overall honours.

Thankfully, after the last few weeks of awful weather, the weather on the day was a lot better and all the competitors managed to catch fish which were mainly dogfish.

In the club’s rover competition, nine members and two guests signed onto fish from various venues. The weather was again good with a north-north easterly wind, while the sea was clean and calm.

Seven of the entrants manage to catch fish which consisted of dogfish, plaice, whiting pout and bull huss.

Rod Barr claimed top position, his best fish a 67cm bull huss helping him to 15 points ahead of Steve Harwood (11) and Paul House (10).

West Bexington results: 1. Steve Harwood 12pts, six dogfish; 2: Mike Rose 9, blue skate and two dogfish; 3. Charles Davies 6; three dogfish; Best fish: Mike Rose – blue skate.

Rover results: 1. Rod Barr 15pts, four dogfish, one pout and one bull huss; 2. Steve Harwood 11, four dogfish and one plaice; 3. Paul House 10, four dogfish and one pout; Best fish: Rod Barr, 67cm bull huss.