OUTGOING Bridport Reserves boss Adam Herring has admitted management is not for him.

Herring took charge of the Bees’ second string in October 2022 and was hand-picked by then new first-team boss Chris Herbst.

In his first season, the Bees claimed 15th of 17 teams in the Dorset Premier League before finishing 14th of 16 this season, on the bubble of the dreaded bottom two.

Herring will now step down to assistant under incoming new manager Murray Legg, who quit his role at Beaminster to join the Bees.

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Speaking to the Bridport News regarding his final season in charge, Herring said: “It’s been very hard.

“When I went into the role I knew it wasn’t always about position in the league and winning games, it was about trying to find some decent young footballers to eventually step up and play for the first team.

“I think since I’ve been in charge we have had players that have gone into the first team, helped and done well.

“As a club, I just feel that to make the first team stronger, the reserves need to be competing in the DPL.

“Murray’s obviously got those contacts at Beaminster that we’ve brought in and we’ve been lucky enough to get Ash Smith and Gareth Will. They’ve been brilliant.

“If we can keep that core next season, plus a few more, then I do think we’ll move forward.”

On a personal level, Herring added: “I found out very early on that I don’t think I’m a manager.

“I don’t like having to pick the team and leave people on the bench, I worry about it, especially when you’re travelling far for games and (trying to) give people a fair go.

“So, an assistant manager, which was what I was most of the time at Beaminster, I think is the perfect position for me to help Murray look for new players. I like looking for players.

“I’ve always been at Beaminster before, so I’ve gone into a new club and I wouldn’t want it any different now.

“If someone gets dropped, I can just say it was Murray and not me!

“I’m probably too nice to be a manager. Murray’s got that little bit about him where he’s not scared to let someone have it if they need to be told.

“Together as a mixture, we’ll be a better management package next season with that.”