BRIDPORT manager Chris Herbst admitted two late red cards against Axminster Town have made him “want to walk away from football”.

Herbst was enraged by what he felt was a “disgusting” tackle on Harley Brook late in the 2-1 defeat.

In the ensuing melee, George Calverley was sent off for alleged violent conduct despite having been subbed off.

Herbst also saw red for dissent and entering the field of play in order to tend to Brook.

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Bridport have endured a poor season in disciplinary terms and both men are now likely to be suspended for the beginning of the 2024/25 campaign if they cannot prove their innocence.

While Herbst did not defend his own actions, he felt the offending tackle on Brook was red-card worthy.

He told the Bridport News: “Basically, Harley has taken a touch in front of our dugout and sent the ball down the line.

“The ball’s nowhere near and a player has come in and absolutely nailed him. I thought he’d broken his leg, so I’ve run on.

“George has come on and pushed him and our bench has reacted. The referee has given them a yellow.

“George didn’t throw a punch and we’ve got Veo footage, so we will be appealing that.

“It’s made me want to walk away from football because I can’t deal with it.

“I can accept it when it’s stupid challenges by our players. Something’s got to be done.

“Mark Lock (assistant) went to speak with the referee and he told him to go away. It makes Bridport look bad.

“If you’re watching the game, you could completely understand why it’s a red card on Harley. It’s a disgusting tackle.”