A beachgoer was left 'stunned' to see 'people putting their lives at risk' clambering over the remains of a rockfall at a west Dorset beach.

Rosie Barfoot, from Stratton near Dorchester, snapped a shocking picture of people climbing on large boulders and debris at West Bay beneath a section of cliff that had given way.

It comes despite multiple warning signs around East Beach about the dangers the cliffs present.

Part of the coast path has even been closed recently due to the unstable cliffs.

After taking an open top bus to the beach, Rosie said: "I was walking along the beach and I saw one runner ignore the closed pathway sign, and a woman scrabbling around the rocks below. 

"I just thought to myself that people are putting their lives at risk. How could anyone be that thoughtless? Maybe a bigger sign is needed warning people to stay away."

It comes just days after jaw dropping images emerged of camper pitched up on top of the crumbling cliffs over the weekend.

The beach has been prone to cliff falls of late. In April, a cliff fall was reported on East Beach in West Bay, and back in March, a video emerged of a dramatic cliff fall, which is believed to have been caused by the heavy wind and rain caused by Storm Nelson.

Prior to that, another major rock fall was reported in January, and again in December.

A spokesperson for Dorset Council, said: "Rockfalls and landslips can happen at any time. If you are out on the coast, please stay safe by taking notice of warning signs and keep to existing paths. Stay away from the edge and the base of cliffs.

“The Jurassic Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognised for its outstanding rocks, fossils, and landforms. It is a 95-mile long stretch of coastline within the counties of Dorset and Devon

"It looks the way it does because of erosion from weather and the sea. Rockfalls and landslips are part of the movement which makes up the unique nature of this coastline.

“All we can do is keep monitoring these incidents, continue to warn visitors of the risks, and maintain/repair/close rights of way where appropriate. Rockfalls can be reported to us via the Dorset Council website, or by calling 01305 221000.”