A CAMPER pitched up a tent on a dangerous west Dorset path.

The coast path over East Cliff in West Bay remains closed due to erosion cracks along the route.

One daredevil made the bold decision to set up camp on the edge of the crumbling cliffs , which are notorious for rock falls.

(Image: West Bay Photography)

Dorset Council is urging people to stay safe and well away from the cliff edge and the base of the cliff and to 'certainly not camp there.'

A spokesperson for the council said: “Currently the coast path over East Cliff remains closed due to erosion and cracks along the route of the path.

"Our rangers are monitoring this path, but have been working with the golf course to provide an alternative route.

“The Jurassic Coast looks the way it does because of erosion from weather and the sea. Rockfalls and landslips are part of the movement which makes up the unique nature of this coastline, and they can happen at any time.

“Please stay safe by taking notice of warning signs and keep to existing paths. Stay away from the edge and the base of cliffs, and certainly do not camp there.”


A person pitched up a tent on the edge of the cliffs at West BayA person pitched up a tent on the edge of the cliffs at West Bay (Image: West Bay Photography)

The path between West Bay and Freshwater Holiday Park was closed after a crack appeared on the path itself back in February following heavy rainfall across west Dorset.

West Bay photographer Daryl Gill spotted the tent positioned precariously close to the edge as he was using his drone to capture scenery in the area.

He described how he was "shocked" when he saw how close the tent was to the crumbling cliff edge. 

Mr Gill said: "I was quite shocked to see the camper so close to the edge.

"I Just think about if something were to happen, then there are a team of people that have to then put their lives at risk! It can easily be avoided!"