BRIDPORT Barracudas came back fighting in the second round of the Jurassic League held at Yeovilton to take a tremendous overall win for the club.

The Jurassic League is highly contested by six local swimming clubs over four rounds, with the first round being awarded to Blandford Flyers but Bridport Barracudas showed their determination in the second round to take home the cup.

Barracudas’ team of swimmers competed fiercely, with many stepping up and swimming in a higher age group.

This round was highly challenged with Weymouth Swimming Club taking an early lead but Barracudas never gave up and took the lead, only to have it whipped away from them again.

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The team continued to put their training to the test, swam hard and were rewarded with the lead once again and this time they held onto it.

With two more rounds left to complete, the contest is on to be crowned overall champions.

The third round takes place this weekend at Bridport Leisure Centre with the final round in July.

Barracudas' head coach, Sophie Dawe, congratulated the swimmers’ commitment to training and attributed their triumph in this round to enthusiasm and their desire to improve.

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