I FOUND the remarks in last week’s News by our MP and local business leaders, railing against the delayed end to Covid-19 restrictions, regrettable and poorly judged. Of course businesses are hurting and jobs are under threat, but while it’s still possible for so many of the public to catch the virus, and even to become seriously ill with it, residents’ health should come first.

Take note of what’s happened to our near neighbours in Cornwall in the last week or two, a huge surge in new cases. And look at the present rapid rise of infections in West Dorset reported by the health science company Zoe and King’s College, London, up from single figures to well over 100 cases in just three weeks. These statistics shout loudly that it’s too soon to relax, not to resume business-as-usual but sit tight for a few more weeks until the reach of the vaccination programme makes it safe to take the brakes off. Then we can indeed all go out and enjoy ourselves again. Patience, please.

Glenn Crawford