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'MP should worry more about protesting rights than cancel culture'

I READ with interest that our MP, Chris Loder, is opposed to cancel culture. His commitment to free expression would be more convincing if he were also to oppose the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which undermines the long held British right to peaceful protest.

'Residents' health should come first'

I FOUND the remarks in last week’s News by our MP and local business leaders, railing against the delayed end to Covid-19 restrictions, regrettable and poorly judged. Of course businesses are hurting and jobs are under threat, but while it’s still possible for so many of the public to catch the virus, and even to become seriously ill with it, residents’ health should come first.

'Wildflowers do not belong on roundabout'

AGAIN I am writing to my local paper. And again, it’s about THAT roundabout. Wildflowers? No. Surely not. They are wonderfully welcome in so many different places, but not on a roundabout. Shame on Dorset Council that they can’t come up with something a little more thoughtful than that. As for saying that anything – as suggested by Bridport Town Council, aesthetically pleasing – might be a possible distraction to motorists, let me say that a cheap, quick fix of a few packets of seeds wil