It is hard to think of a better way of discouraging people from responding to the Local Plan than to publish a 600-page document and then wring your hands over how indigestible it is. (Your say on future, 28 January.)

Public consultation is not an irritating hoop to jump through but an important part of the democratic process.

Up and down the country, public bodies routinely fulfil this obligation by preparing sets of accessible, public-facing documents which highlight contentious issues and offer convenient ways and an ample timescale for people to respond.

But not Dorset Council, which must surely be amongst the most detached and unresponsive councils anywhere in the UK. The monster document is written and for the next 15 years will be used to crush innovative ideas and proposals because they’re not in the plan.

As to what people think of it, the council’s indifference is depressingly obvious.

G. D. O’Bryen