Having read the article headed ‘This is not a campsite’ in Bridport News (August 13) I was not surprised, although I would have wanted to be.

The problem that our society has to solve is the fact that leaving and dropping litter appears to be an accepted pastime.

Is it because those causing the problem believe it is their right to behave as they do, and that it is the council’s job to clean up after them?

When driving from Bridport to Dorchester it is a fairly common sight to see council workers picking up litter from the verges.

When I was growing up, dropping litter came under the bad manner rules being instilled. I, like so many others, try to behave as I would like to be treated, yet, it would appear that we are being outnumbered by those who do not give a damn.

While we have so few police about to do the job of enforcing the rules of a civilised society, do not be surprised if those who believe everything is their right will behave distastefully.

Inconsiderate noise making was also mentioned, yet, the local population has to put up with unacceptably loud motorcycles and cars on a regular basis. I have not seen a police person this, or last week.

If people want to see the rules of a civilised society enforced then stop moaning, and contact those who can make a difference. They will only act if it becomes a political advantage to do so.

While that is being done can I please ask, any reader who drops or leaves litter for others to clean up to stop doing it, and spread the word about, that it is no longer acceptable. It is spoiling others fun as well as not helping the planet.

Alan Lindley