I think the Prime Minister has made an already difficult situation much more difficult for people to understand.

When we had the initial recommendation to ‘stay at home’ and exercise locally it meant just that, whereas as now what does ‘stay alert’ actually mean and can we quite justifiable travel long distances to exercise. This will have a serious effect on rural communities and ‘holiday’ areas due to the medical resources available in these areas.

Also sending people back to work and schools without proper consultation with those involved (business leaders, trades union, teachers and school staff) or not giving them a reasonable amount of time to properly prepare these work places or facilities is very unwise and unhelpful.

The population needs, particularly at this time of national emergency, good strong directional leadership with clear and simple rules to understand.

This new decision from Government has made the situation much more difficult for the police to act upon and enforce. We also need the whole of the United Kingdom to act in unison with each other and this requires putting politics aside to have dialogue between every leader so that we act together for clarity of understanding.

I feel this decision has been made for political ‘point scoring’ and to get the ‘economy’ going again, not necessarily for the benefit of the nation’s health and wellbeing.

The population needs a general road map to follow not a strict calendar as has been given.