Recent events at Westminster have shown our Members of Parliament in a very bad light.

We had a referendum back in 2016, when the majority of voters simply voted to leave the EU - no conditions and no deals.

Since that time, the politicians have disregarded the will of the people.

We are in a democracy and work on a majority system so that whoever gets a majority, whether by a small margin or a large one, they get the position.

Irrespective of which side of the fence one is on, the majority spoke to leave, therefore this should have been honoured in the way that many politicians promised at the election. When a politician goes into the polling booth they confidentially cast their own personal opinion, but having cast this vote they then are representing their constituency and irrespective of personal views should vote in Parliament how the constituency voted.

In the case of West Dorset we voted 51 per cent to leave and 49 per cent to remain, therefore our MP should be supporting the vote to leave, not put obstacles in the way to delay or even change the decision.

We were a great country before we joined the bureaucratic, undemocratic and unaccountable EU, without our consent, and I believe that if everyone accepted the result of the referendum we can certainly be a great nation again after we have left.

My advice to all politicians is don’t forget who elects you, so carry out the will of your constituents and if you wish to change parties then this should immediately trigger a by-election for the MP to be elected on their new platform with their new views.

Douglas Beazer