SO, WITH the muddle following the damage to the gable wall of the former Midland Bank, poor Beaminster has to suffer once again from what appears to be another classic example of buck passing by our highly paid local authority officers.

A sad reflection on the times we live in.

When the John Strode Almshouses by the church were being converted into the current

Strode Room, a similar partial collapse occurred in the south gable.

The contractors, E Bailey and Sons Ltd, immediately supported and made safe the surrounding masonry and restored the gable in about two weeks, with only the north footpath to the church needing to be closed for this brief time.

What is needed now is a little leadership and direction, obviously currently sadly lacking, and the financial and emotional effect on the town is immense and the present inaction quite unnecessary.

When the stones are eventually refitted into the wall, I trust that the historic Tudor fireplace, previously visible, will be restored in its original position at first floor level.

David Hedworth

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