BRIDPORT’S Craig Sorrell organised a three-on-three tournament to raise money for the Liver & Pancreatic Cancer Research and Development Charity.

This is a charity close to the hearts of Sorrell’s friends and family and the event was looking to help raise awareness of the sport in the town.

The tournament tipped off around 10.30am with 11 teams from all over Dorset, Devon and Somerset competing.

The competition was of an extremely high standard all the way through the day but it was a Bournemouth team, Sasquatch Truth Parkstone, that came out victorious in the end.

They claimed the title after beating Exeter-based Breaking Baskets in the final.

And the event finished on a high after raising an incred-ible £808 for the chosen charity.

Sorrell said: “Congratul-ations go to the tournament winners – Dan Park, Matthew Johnson, Brinley John and Oleg Draganchuk.

“Also the prize of the three-point shoot-out went to Alberto Romero and the dunk contest winner was Adam Stakvilevicius.

“The most valuable player honour went to Brinley John for his continuous eff- ort to hustle and score plenty of baskets, which contributed to his team’s victory.

“This award was in memory of Dan Collins, a member of the Bridport Evolution Basket-ball family that was sadly taken from us four months ago.”

Sorrell added: “I would personally like to say thank you to the sponsors of the event, Amsafe Bridport, Shield and Bridport Round Table, for all their support in helping raise the funds to cover the cost of the event.

“Also a huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped before, during and after the event for their hard work in creating the perfect atmosphere.

“After the success this tournament has achieved I fully intend on making it an ann- ual event and will continue to help promote the ever-growing and popular sport in our local community.”