BRIDPORT chairman Adrian Scadding has set his sights on a top-10 finish next season, as he looks back on the campaign that has just ended.

Trevor Senior’s squad secured a 12th place finish in the Toolstation Western Division, but only managed to complete three fixtures in two months over the course of January and February.

Because of that, the chairman believes the Bees’ gruelling backlog of fixtures caused by the deluge of flooding hindered their opportunity of getting into the top 10.

He said: “Obviously I wanted to finish a little bit higher but, with all the floods we had over the winter, I was pleased and we did well to finish where we did.

“Once you stop playing for that amount of time you lose a bit of consistency and it’s hard to put it all together again.

“I wouldn’t have said it was like starting the season all over again, but it was hard work, once we got it together again we had a good set of results.”

Bridport finished the season on top form claiming maximum points from their final three league outings and Scadding believes that Senior and his coaching staff have built a tight-knit squad.

“Trevor and Kevin (Leigh) have done really well, all the players gel really well with the pair of them.

“We can give anybody a good game now and we’ve proved that. We beat the likes of Gillingham so there is no reason why we couldn’t finish higher next year.”

And with his sights set on a rousing campaign next term, Scadding also took the time to show his gratitude to those working around the club throughout last season.

He said: “I’d like to thank all the managers, players and staff for all the hard work and hours they put in at the club behind the scenes.”