AROUND 50 members attended West Bay’s annual presentation night at Highlands End at Eype.

They all enjoyed a three-course meal at the venue before the trophies and awards were handed out to the top performers over the course of the past year.

Chairman Rob Barr started proceedings by thanking secretary Roger Guppy for organising the event, cup custodian Lynn Mudford for a great job in preparing all the trophies, and the staff at Highlands for their excellent service.

PJ Wheeler, Simon Bowditch, Paul House, Gerry Reed, Frances Kitchin and Ollie Mears all picked up major silverware on the night, while the late Fred Bowditch was the winner of the inaugural Ralph Probert Memorial Trophy – the shield was presented by Ralph’s wife Babs Probert and received by Vera Bowditch, Fred’s wife.

The presentation finally closed with two awards that are highly valued by club members – the Clubman Shield and the President Cup, which recognises the outstanding work carried out by a particular individual at the club.

Steve Fowles picked up the Clubman Shield before new club president Dave Cornick took to the floor to present the President Cup – an award that was started by Fred Bowditch and is to become a memorial trophy in his honour.

Cornick said: “Without doubt, Fred will be a difficult act to follow because he was extremely reliable and, after approximately 50 years of involvement with our club, very experienced.

“I can see him now in August, presenting the prizes to the winners of the Species and Specimen Hunt Festival – he was always there and I am sure we will all miss Fred.

“I would like to thank you for putting your trust in me, and I will do my best to follow in Fred’s illustrious footsteps, which brings me on to the President Cup.

“I have given considerable thought to who will be the person to receive this award, and I must say this was not easy.

“However, if ever a man deserved the award he introduced, it was Fred Bowditch. Therefore I request Vera to join me and receive the President Cup on Fred’s behalf.’’ That announcement was met by an extended round of applause, which further demonstrated the respect and affection that was held for the late president by all members present.

During his speech, Cornick also praised the fantastic work of Roger Guppy, Simon Bowditch, Steve Fowles, Richard Daw, James Barr and Fred Batten.

The evening finished off with a raffle and the committee would like to thank all those individuals who donated prizes, including Morrisons of Bridport and West Bay Water Sports, They would also like to say a special thank you to Tom Marley for acquiring prizes and the selling of tickets.


Rickard Cup/Axminster Cup: PJ Wheeler.

Kingfisher Cup: Simon Bowditch.

The Andy Neal Roving Challenge: Paul House.

Daytime Cup: Adam Cullingford.

Symes Cup/Boat Champions Shield: Gerry Reed.

The Andy Neal Roving Challenge Ladies Trophy/The Pettet Cup: Frances Kitchin.

Junior Cup (shore)/The Eric Hamblett Memorial Trophy: Eden Lynham.

Species League (junior): Connor Hallett.

Species League (handicap): Paul House.

Species League (best lady): Frances Kitchin.

Overall Species League Champion/Match Points Champion: Ollie Mears.

Other trophies and awards went to: PJ Wheeler, Simon Bowditch, Paul House, Adam Cullingford, Gerry Reed, Frances Kitchin, Nathan McMasters, Tiana Foot, Connor Hallett, Tony Colls, Ollie Mears, Steve Harwood, Will Halliday, James Barr, Rod Barr, Ed Tarnowski, Selena Parsons, Lynn Mudford, Lisa Barr, Ian Draper, Phil Maggs, Mark Wickenden, Jim Leighton and the late Fred Bowditch.


Andy Neal Rover

ANGLERS fished from the Stone Pier, Weymouth to West Bay in blustery conditions, where fish were hard to find.

1 M Wickenden 795g, 2 O Mears 495g, 3 S Fowles 365g.

Most species: M Wickenden and PJ Wheeler (2), pout and five bearded rockling.

Heaviest fish (above bags removed): P House (shore rockling 215g).


THIS match was very hard going with only three fish being caught.

1 PJ Wheeler 780g, 2 S Harwood 390g, 3 P House 135g. Heaviest fish: PJ Wheeler (dogfish 780g).

*No outright winner for most species pool.

Eype (daytime)

THE first daytime match of the year at Eype produced a poor day’s fishing with only shore rockling being caught.

1 P House 410g, 2 S Harwood 380g, 3 T Colls 220g.

Heaviest fish: T Colls (shore rockling 220g).

Most species: P House (just shore rockling).

West Bexington

NOT a breath of wind and a flat sea saw an abundance of dogfish being caught. Steve Harwood had six decent dogs and, with the only whiting of the match, that was enough to seal the win.

1 S Harwood 4,920g, 2 M Wickenden 4,825g, 3 H Rathbone 4,635g.

Heaviest fish: PJ Wheeler (dogfish 1,005g).

Most species: S Fowles (4 dogfish, pout, poor cod, five bearded rockling).

Burton Bradstock

A CALM sea saw Lea Windsor catch his full house of dogfish, along with a couple of pout, which was enough to win him the match. Most anglers caught fish.

1 L Windsor 4320g, 2 S Fowles 3110g, 3 M Wickenden 2395g.

Heaviest fish: P House (dogfish 810g) Most species: PJ Wheeler (2 dogfish, pout).

Andy Neal Rover

AWFUL weather greeted anglers for the first rover match – most chose to fish West Bay harbour.

1 P House 4,825g, 2 PJ Wheeler 465g, 3 Ollie Mears 455g.

Heaviest fish (above bags removed): S Fowles (five bearded rockling 150g).

Most species: A Cullingford (4 dogfish, pout, poor cod, five bearded rockling).