PETER Marshall won the Veterans’ Bill Caddy Putter, which is a medal competition and was played off white tees in rather damp misty but slightly warmer conditions.

Results, Division One: 1 Peter Marshall (nett 68), 2 J Palthe (nett 70), 3 R Gill (nett 71), 4 MMcGrady (nett 72 on c/b) Division Two: 1 D Northover (nett 72), 2 K Peraux (nett 73), 3 RLowe (nett 74), 4 J Harper (nett 75).

Men’s Stableford: 76 competitors played on Sunday, in windy but dry conditions.

Division One: 1 Steve Crabb (7 hcap) 39pts, 2 Kevin Jones (7) 36pts, 3 Barry O’Mahony (10) 35pts

Division Two: 1 Mike Barter (17) 35pts, 2 Mike Thompson (13) 35pts, 3 Bryn Dare (13) 34pts

Division Three: 1 Michael Thompson (22) 43pts, 2 Andy Webb (22) 36pts, 3 Dave Faithfull (22) 34pts

The Ladies’ April Medal was won by Pat Baldwin with a nett score of 69, resulting in a handicap reduction from 31 to 28.

This was all the more commendable because the weather on Tuesday was less conducive to good golf than on Saturday.

Results, Division A: Winner – Di Loving (Saturday) nett 71; runner-up – Carole Brown (Tuesday) nett 75

Division B: Winner – Caroline McAllister (Saturday) nett 74; runner-up – Pauline Mackie (Tuesday) net 77

Division C: Winner – Pat Baldwin (Tuesday) nett 69; runner-up – Heather Chapman (Tuesday) nett 82

A Stableford competition for 36 handicappers was won by Sandy Moger with 30 points.

Two ladies’ teams played friendly matches away at Windwhistle and Lyme Regis. Both were drawn 2-2.

Unfortunately the Parkin Cup Match at Bulbury Woods was lost 2-1.

Eight members took part in the midweek medal with Mel Coatsworth taking first place (90-21-69). Second was Graham Davies (103-28-75).

Two men’s teams have had noteworthy wins this week.

Hardy A won 5-3 against Ashley Wood and the Over-50s triumphed away at Yeovil 3-2.