A COMMUNITY Speed Watch is to be set up in Lyme Regis to try and combat speeding motorists in the town.

The committee of the newly formed Lyme Regis Estates Residents Association (LRERA) is hoping to secure the £300 funding from the town council to pay for the mobile camera, which will be provided by police and could be used throughout Lyme to target reckless drivers.

PCSO Luke White said: “Community Speed Watch is a way for the public to assist Dorset Police in tackling speeding in their local community.

“Each scheme should consist of between six and 20 volunteers who work in teams of four to measure the speed of traffic in a given location. Vehicles which are seen to be speeding will be recorded and a warning letter will be sent to the registered keeper by Dorset Police.

“These Community Speed Watch groups are supported by local police and if repeat offenders are identified then appropriate action can be taken to deal with the problem.”

The LRERA was set up to try and combat issues around the housing estates, with the association pinpointing clamping down on speeding drivers as a priority.

Chairman of the association Cheryl Reynolds confirmed no exact locations for the speed watch had been confirmed but they were looking at Anning Road and Kings Way as two potential locations.

Mrs Reynolds said: “The issue of drivers speeding does come up from time to time especially around the school area and it was one of the reasons why we set up the association.

“A child only needs to step out from behind parked cars for something bad to happen. It is a case of trying to prevent anything like that happening rather than curing it.

“The camera is a really good deterrent and we are not after their blood, we just want them to drive slowly.”

Mrs Reynolds confirmed no exact locations had been agreed yet, but areas around St Michael's Primary School and Anning Road would be looked at for the camera.

She added: “The camera will be mobile which means we can use it where and whenever all over the town and we are hoping that other organisations can use it.

“That's the reason we are asking the town council for the funding because it can be useful for the whole town.”

Mrs Reynolds has also met with members of Dorset County Council, Cllr Anita Williams plus representatives from St Michael's School to discuss road safety concerns, and Dorset County Council agreed to put a timed Traffic Regulation Order on the zig-zag lines outside the school.

The zig-zagged lines have been outside the school for a number of years but the traffic order, which makes it an offence to park on the lines, has never been adopted. I t will now be enforced in the near future, with an exact date unknown and will apply during pick-up and drop-off times of the school day.