GIN lovers got a taste of Bridport when a mobile gin still came to town.

The still produced a one-off batch of gin called 17 West Street, with flavours inspired by Bridport.

Bar consultancy Grey Bear Bar Company worked with patrons at The Market House to choose botanicals to make the gin, and asked what style they would like.

They chose a classic London dry style bottled at 43 per cent with juniper, coriander seed, cassia, angelica, orris as well as nutmeg and seabuckthorn.

Lloyd Brown, director of the Bridport-based company, said the stunt had a ‘great response’ from residents and visitors – particularly as they had a real pig called Strider helping them to promote the gin.

And the vehicle is completely unique.

Lloyd said: “Friends of ours make Dappa, which is Devon Grappa, and they have just launched their still, which is the only one of its kind.”

He added: “We went for a really simple, classic gin with a Bridport influence. Nutmeg is a really warm, autumnal flavour and seabuckthorn are the little golden berries that grow along the coast, so once that had been chosen we went out to harvest it. They provide the citrus note.”
The Bridport gin is a one-off product to celebrate the town and launch the Market House’s new gin palace menu, which Lloyd created.

“There has been quite a lot of interest, with people coming up and finding out what it’s all about. To be honest, the whole town smells of juniper.”

The gin still parked up on West Street outside the pub from 12pm to 7pm on Thursday.

Lloyd’s company used to be based at the Venner Bar, before it changed hands and he decided to take the business on the road. They are still based in Bridport, but give talks to pop ups and staff at bars and hotels across Dorset and the south west.

But it’s Bridport where they feel most at home.

“You do something like this in Bridport and it just fits. It’s such a quirky, unique place. And everyone really gets behind it.

“It’s been brilliant.”