TWO young Bridport girls are donating their hair to the Little Princess charity.

Proud mum Kelly Burwood-Beames said seven-year-old Amber and five-year-old Elli are keen to have their long locks cut off for a good cause.

They are even happy to do so before their bridesmaid duty later in the summer and have booked a date – July 24.

Mum Kelly said: “They wanted to donate it to charity and we went online to look at how long the hair had to be and all the details and they wanted to do it for Little Princess.

“Amber has desperately wanted her hair cut for a long time because it gets too hot and heavy and knotty and Elli hates having hers brushed so they both want it cut.

“So we said we’d see if we could raise some money at the same time.”

Kelly said she had talked to the girls about why girls would need hair.

“They are quite little so I didn’t dwell on the cancer too much because they had an aunt pass away a little while ago.

“I just said children can get poorly and sometimes their hair falls out so they make wigs so the children can wear them and still look like they have hair. They have seen pictures of children with no hair and with the wigs on so they know what their hair will be used for.

“I am proud of them and sure they will do it.”

Kelly said Colour Studios in St Andrew’s Road is cutting the girls’ hair.

There are also donation boxes at Frosts in West Street and the Station Cafe in West Bay.