A cycling helmet has saved the life of a 10-year-old boy.

Elwood Wheeler, from North Allington, Bridport was riding with his grandfather Derek Wheeler when he tried to mount a kerb at high speed and was thrown into a concrete wall.

Mr Wheeler said: “On the hill down to the Crown Inn Elwood tried to mount a curb at high speed.

“The impact was so loud that the owner of a house adjoining the wall came out to see what had happened.

“Elwood had sustained a severe head injury. The cut was so deep on his forehead that you could see his skull.”

St Catherine’s School pupil Elwood was taken to Bridport’s minor injuries unit for treatment.

Mr Wheeler said an examination revealed the helmet cracked on the point of impact. He added: “It is the opinion of the medical examiner that had Elwood not have been wearing his helmet he would not have survived the incident. So the moral to this sad tale is anyone using a bike, scooter or skateboard should at all times wear some head protection.”

Mum Georgina said Elwood’s accident had shaken her. She said: “I was scared. The next day his eye half closed and they both went black.”

Elwood was off school for a week and was given the final all clear by doctors on Monday.

Mrs Wheeler added: “It took him about four days to be nearly back to his normal self. They told me to look out for headaches, vomiting, dizziness and forgetfulness.”

Mr Wheeler said Elwood’s lucky escape should add weight to a local campaign to make cycle helmets compulsory.

Bridport’s St Mary’s Primary School have been trying to enlist – unsuccessfully – MP Oliver Letwin’s support for their campaign to make it mandatory for child cyclists to wear protective headgear.

Mr Letwin told the Year 5 pupils he thought police had better things to spend their time on.

West Dorset schoolgirl Maisy Attrill, 10, from Burton Bradstock has even taken the matter up in person with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg when she served him lunch at her dad, Steve Attrill’s Hive Beach Café.