FED-UP Bridport residents are urging their community to join a new action group to tackle speeding and dangerous traffic ‘before someone gets hurt’.

Direct Action Now Group East Road (DANGER) are calling for speed cameras to be installed on the A35 East Road to slow traffic they say, "damages properties, quality of life and physical well-being".

A statement from the group, which is made up of East Road residents, said: “People of all ages, but most alarmingly, mums and young primary school children and the elderly cannot cross the road safely and are forced to take very risky chances if a sudden and very rare gap in the traffic appears.”

They added, when driving, residents found it extremely difficult to join the fast-flowing traffic and the vibrations created by speeding ‘monstrous vehicles’ disrupted lives and even disturbed furniture.

DANGER member, Malcolm Piers-Taylor said the 15-strong group, who meet monthly, wanted a ‘common sense approach’ to the increasing problems with excessive traffic.

According to the group, they approached the Highways England in 2002 but as there was no record of personal injury, only vehicle damage, East Road did not warrant speed cameras.

Mr Piers-Taylor said: “We understand we live by a main road but we don’t think someone should be hurt before something is done. We know it is dangerous.

A statement from the Highways England said: "Highways England is working in partnership with Dorset County Council to improve and reposition the existing crossing on Sea Road South so cyclists can use it as well as pedestrians. A new signal controlled crossing on East Road, to the west of East Road roundabout, is also being provided. These schemes will be delivered in the first half of 2018." 

However, Mr Piers-Taylor said the groups primary goal was to get speed cameras. 

"We don’t want a pedestrian crossing, we want to slow the traffic down,” he said. 

Following a previous campaign, a flashing ‘slow down’ sign was installed but fellow group member, Fiona Piers-Taylor said, as it had a limited battery life, it was hardly ever working and there was no point in it being there.

She added the action group understood there were limited budgets but whatever could be done, local people would welcome.

West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin said he fully backed the campaign.

"This is a long-running problem, with which I have been involved over many years. Some steps have been taken to improve safety for residents on East Road.

“I think there is a good case for speed cameras in this location, and I will certainly back the residents if they are mounting a new campaign for that. I hope they will contact me right away," he said. 

The group has started a petition, which if successful they will bring before Highways England.