Away from the lab and white coats, experts in herbal pet care Dorwest Herbs are typical dog lovers, keen to chat with fellow dog owners.

That’s why they’ve agreed to be the official sponsors of Beyond Events 10K9 Canicross.

James Stone, operations manager at Beyond Events said: “The Canicross is part of the three peak challenge 10km route, the only difference is you can run with your beloved pooch.

 “Many people asked if they could run with their dog so we’ve made it happen, with a separate individual medal and a slightly later start, this run isn’t about taking it too seriously, it’s about joining other dog owners and having fun.”

Canicross is the sport of running off-road with your dog. The human participant wears a waist belt which attaches via a two-metre bungee line to a padded dog harness. To keep this accessible for all, dogs can be run on harnesses or on a lead.

Jo Boughton-White, manager director at Dorwest Herbs added: “Running with your dog is a great way to keep fit and exercise your dog, it’s also great fun, and the event is taking place right on our doorstep.”  

“As proud sponsors, we will be giving away goodie bags for the first 100 doggie finishers. Plus, the winners of both the 5k and 10k will both receive very special Dorwest prize bags, packed full of our expert herbal products to keep them in winning condition.

“We love being part of that great dog-owning community, and feel privileged to be able to sponsor this event with fellow dog enthusiasts.”

Dorwest Herbs will also be giving away 10 free entries on their Facebook page for the event which takes place in Symondsbury on September 10.

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