A BEAMINSTER teenager is one step away from the national finals of a teen talent competition.

Seventeen-year-old Amy Walklett has ambitions to work in the music industry and has the vocal chords to get her there - at least the judges of the TeenStar competition think so.

Amy has already been given the thumbs up by judges at her audition in Southampton to go to the regional finals where she has just won a place in the area finals - as one of only two vocalists to go through.

Amy said: “Performing at the regional finals was an amazing experience and I feel incredibly lucky to have been chosen as one of only two vocalists that made it through to the area final.

"I am overwhelmed by the support I have had from my family, friends and local people and I cannot wait to perform in London. It would be amazing to get through to the grand final."

The ex-Beaminster School pupil, a first-year BTEC student at the Academy of Music and Sound in Exeter, said for as long as she can remember she's wanted to perform.

She said: "Right from when I was in primary school I have always wanted to perform and then it turned into singing."

But she doesn't know where she gets it from.

"No one else in my family is musical it is only me but they are always very supportive.

"I just love being able to get up and do something really cool in front of everywhere and share something with people especially something like when I am doing my own songs that I have written myself."

Although she loves writing the words and music for her own songs the TeenStar competition is more about putting your own stamp on songs people already know.

"There are competitions more for your own songs but this competition is more about songs people know and changing them up and creating your own style so they are a bit different."

She admits that song writing doesn't come easy but she says her two-year course is really helping.

She said: "Writing doesn't come easy but it is great to be able to put feelings down but it definitely doesn't come easy.

When she finishes Amy has to decide whether to go to university or where to spread her wings.

"At the moment I am considering uni and all the options with the music industry but probably moving somewhere bigger with more opportunities is definitely something I'll do whether I go to uni or not."

Before that happens Amy is hoping to do a lot of gigging in the area this summer.

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At the area finals on Sunday May 28, at the Beck Theatre, West London,

The TeenStar contest is the only singing and dancing competition exclusively for teens and pre-teens.