More than 80 people have been charged with drink driving in Dorset after getting behind the wheel while over the limit. 
They were caught by officers from Dorset Police as part of the force's crackdown on drink-driving this summer.
Police say 64 men and 23 women were charged with drink driving offences during their summer campaign between June 1 and July 31 this year.
During the campaign police increased traffic patrols and roadside checks and every driver involved in a collision throughout June and July was breath tested.
Several of those convicted of drink driving offences included west Dorset residents.
Bridport Insp Mike Darby said: “Bridport Police have had a busy summer targeting drink drivers on our roads and have arrested and charged numerous people with drink and drug driving over this period.
“While the summer is starting to come to an end, local officers will continue to relentlessly pursue and prosecute offenders for this offence. 
“While a tiny minority of people may not think drink driving is that serious, the reality is quite different and the impact of drink driving on our community is huge. When drunk drivers kill or seriously injure other people the impact of this criminal act doesn't just impact the victim but the ripples from it have a devastating and horrific impact on their loved ones and families. 
“In light of this I was very pleased to see a significant jail sentence for David Churcher who killed Mr Fawcett from Cleveland a year ago today in a fatal accident on the A35 in Bridport at 11am in the morning.
“Mr Churcher was found to be twice over the drink drive limit and had cannabis in his vehicle and was using his mobile phone at time of the accident. 
“The amount of serious accidents that take place in West Dorset on our road networks is significant and they are almost always caused by one of the fatal four causes: drink / drug driving, mobile phones, speed and seat belts. Mr Churcher was doing three of the four causes when he killed an innocent gentleman and ruined countless lives by his actions.
“Bridport Police will deal robustly with people they catch drink driving and we are constantly looking for offenders and acting on information received from concerned parties targeting people who we know drink drive regularly. 
“Public houses often call police when they think a customer is planning to drive after drinking too much and we regularly wait outside pub car park for identified people to leave to stop and arrest them to prevent them killing someone on their way home. 
“In addition we dedicated to enforcing the 'No Excuse' campaign in reporting drivers for using mobile phones, speeding and not wearing their seat belts. Whilst the 'No Excuse' campaign seeks to educate drivers in the first instance they commit an offence, drivers can expect to be dealt with robustly if they continue to risk other road users lives by their actions.”