BRIDPORT: Two friends are taking on a 26-mile challenge to raise funds for a cause close to their heart.
Sarah Pitcher and Jessica Ives, both from Bridport, are taking part in a trek from Stonehenge to the stone circle at Avebury in Wiltshire in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.
The friends hope to raise £700 through sponsorship for the charity, because they both have relatives who have suffered from the condition.
Sarah, whose dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers around four years ago, said: “He has kept fairly alright so far although my brothers and I are caring for him as well as working full-time.
“It is the thought of someone you love losing their personality, going from a normal, calm, placid person into someone who becomes angry and frustrated because they can’t remember the simplest thing.
“We are slowly losing the person we have known and loved for many years. That’s the worst part about it.”
Jessica lost her grandmother to the condition last year and Sarah said her friend has been a ‘great help’ with advice in how to cope.
She added: “We got together and decided because of what we have both been through, we wanted to do something to help. We chose the Alzheimer’s Society because of their work in not only helping the sufferers but also the carers.
“They run things like memory cafes – unfortunately there are none run by the charity in this area, but it would be great to see that come to West Dorset.”
The 26-mile walk will take them cross-country and past some iconic sights such as the white horses of Salisbury Plains and Silbury Hill, one of the largest pre-historic man-made mounds in the world.
The route will pass though MoD grounds which are not usually open to the public.
Sarah said: “We came across this whilst researchng something to do to raise money and as we’re not big walkers, it seemed like it would be a good challenge.
“We have been doing bits of training but we don’t want to get worn out too quickly.”
She added: “Our friends and family have been just fantastic.
“We are both members of the Bridport Panto Players group and the other members have been so supportive, even offering us lifts on the day.
“We have had moments when we start to doubt ourselves and wonder if we can do this, and they are always there to pick us up.”
To help Sarah and Jessica reach their fundraising goal, visit