One of Dorset’s oldest papergirls is retiring at the age of 82.

Jessie Barrett has stepped down after delivering the Bridport News to households in Loders for more than 12 years.

Mrs Barrett, who is well known through her role on the organising committee of the Loders Fete, said she began the job by accident.

She said: “My next door neighbour took it on after the last paperman stepped down, and that lasted about two weeks.

“I was asked if any children or pensioners would like to take it on but no-one came forward.

“It got to the stage where we were at risk of not having any papers delivered in the village so I took it on.”

Mrs Barrett has lived in Loders all her life and worked at Gundrys, retiring when her husband died.

She said: “I have got my favourite customers around the village. There are some elderly people in their 90s who are always pleased to see me.

“It’s a nice job because it keeps you out and active, and it’s certainly very pleasant in the summer.

“But last winter it rained such a lot and I got wet through. I’m involved in so many other things so I decided it was time to give it up.”

Derek Bryant, owner of East Bridge News where Mrs Barrett worked as a papergirl, paid tribute to her hard work.

He said: “I think she’s fantastic to have carried on for so long.

“She has never let us down and has always been so reliable.”