The family of a 13-year-old boy found unconscious in the street want to thank the good Samaritans who came to help him.

Morgan Scadding was 'free jumping' by the coach park when he misjudged the distance between walls, fell and knocked himself out.

His mum Kelly got the phone call all mothers dread.

She said: “I just got a phone call from one of the men saying was I Morgan's mum.

“He said 'He's had an accident' and I said 'what's he done now because he rides a BMX and this happens quite often.

“The man said Morgan was unconscious and there was an ambulance on the way.”

Mrs Scadding said the men must have got her number from Morgan's phone and then put their coats under Morgan's head and waited with him for the ambulance to arrive.

Kelly and her husband rushed to the scene.
She said: “Morgan was out cold when we got there.

“The police came over and were really lovely. They were on their patrol phones saying the boy needs help.

“When the ambulance did turn up they put Morgan on a spinal board and a collar. He was taken to hospital and X-rayed and kept in overnight for observation.

“He had concussion and a big bump on his head.”
Kelly said Morgan always wearers his helmet on his BMX bike but had taken it off for the jump.

She said: “That's the law in our house but he didn't have it on. He put his bike to the side with his helmet.

“The rule is now is he's wrapped in cotton wool and not allowed to go anywhere!”

Morgan said even though he wasn't aware of the men at the time he is very grateful for their help.
He's now vowed to confine himself to his BMX bike.

He said: “I just did the jumping because it looked fun.

“I was down the coach park and saw two of my friends doing it and tried it but it didn't really work out.

“I mostly came to in the ambulance and wasn't aware of the people helping but I would like to thank them.

“Usually I wouldn't do stuff like that I'd go down the skatepark and BMX and I'll confine myself to that now.

“But I'd say if people want to do it they should wear a helmet.”

Mrs Scadding contacted the Bridport News to get a public thank you to the good Samaritans.

She said: “Everybody reads the Bridport News so we thought that would be the way to do it.

“It is so lovely that there are really lovely caring people in the world and in the kerfuffle we didn't get either of the gentlemen's names, one was about 40 and the other probably in his 70s but they were both just lovely.

“They not only called us, and the ambulance, they also stayed with us waiting for the paramedics.”

Morgan was taken to Dorset County Hospital and kept in overnight with concussion and released the next day.