A thrilled taxi driver from Dorset is celebrating after matching five numbers in the EuroMillions draw and picking up a life-changing £111,223.30.

Malcolm Dennett, 56, a breeder of Border Collies from the Blandford area, is still reeling from the win although he admits that he’s always secretly believed a win of this magnitude was only a matter of time.

His win came on July 18, just three days after Asda Castlepoint worker Wendy Finch won £300,000 on a scratchcard.

Malcolm bought his winning ticket when he was taking a client to Poole. He said: “I pick up one of my clients in Poole every Thursday and when I’m there I buy my National Lottery tickets, but always from the same shop, Spar in Upton. Earlier in the year I won £1,200 on Lotto so I considered it my lucky shop, with this result, it’s definitely my lucky shop.”

Malcolm discovered his win the following morning but it took a while to find out exactly how much he’d won “I went into a local newsagents to have the ticket checked and when they handed it back to me saying I needed to speak with Camelot I knew I was into the big time but had no idea of the final amount.”

Malcolm then called his wife, Heather, to say he needed to come back to call Camelot as he had won on EuroMillions, a claim she didn’t believe.

Malcolm said: “This year has been like no other. After my £1,200 win, we then had an unexpected inheritance which helped keep the wolves very much from the door and now this amazing EuroMillions win. I don’t know why it’s all coming at once but I like to think that the dear friend who remembered us in her will is smiling down on us again.”

Despite the windfalls Malcolm and Heather, who have a young son, are not making any frivolous purchases. They are already in their dream home but the win will enable them to do all the renovation work they had thought would take years to complete.

They also plan to take their young son to Lapland at Christmas.