WEST Dorset MP Oliver Letwin has been appointed to the role of Lord Privy Seal in David Cameron’s Cabinet reshuffle.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced the move on his Twitter page today, stating that although Mr Letwin has been appointed to the role, he will still remain as Minister for Government Policy, and will still remain in the PM’s Cabinet.

He will replace MP Andrew Lansley, who was the previous Lord Privy Seal, whose political future is now in doubt following the reshuffle.

Historically, the Lord Privy Seal is one of the oldest offices within the government and was responsible for the monarch’s privy. However, the role has no particular function today as the use of a privy seal by the monarch has been obsolete for centuries.

Following the announcement, Mr Letwin said: "All I can say is that I am very hard at work, making sure that we implement our long term economic plan, and I don't really think I will have much time to seal anything, privy or otherwise.”