FIREFIGHTERS rescued a dog that had become stuck in a slurry pit at a farm in West Dorset.

Crews found 15-year-old Treacle the Golden Retriever in difficulty at around 10pm on Sunday in East Bexington.

Treacle was swimming in the slurry pit with her tail trapped in brambles. She was getting more and more tired.

Crews from Weymouth attended along with special animal rescue units from Poole Fire Station.

The trained crew used a general purpose line to prevent Treacle's head from going under the slurry, and a ceiling hook to release her tail from the brambles, which then allowed crews to lift Treacle from the slurry pit.

She was left being looked over by a vet and in the hands of her owners.

A spokesman for Dorset Fire and Rescue said: “Due to past experience of similar incidents where members of the public have lost their lives trying to rescue their pets.

“We strongly recommend members of the public wait for our trained rescue crews and dont attempt rescues themselves.”