COUNCILLORS in Lyme Regis are set to consider ways in which the town’s ‘vital’ number 71 bus service could operate on a Saturday.

The number 71 previously ran Monday to Saturday but was scrapped on a Saturday following a recent review of the bus service by Dorset County Council.

It failed to meet the Saturday service requirement of carrying an average of 20 passengers per journey and as a result, the Saturday service stopped on April 6 this year.

The scrapping of the Saturday service caused anger among people in the town, especially elderly residents who used the service for visits to the doctors and for their weekend shopping.

Lyme Regis resident John Hounsell has labelled the Saturday bus service to Lyme Regis as ‘vital’.

He said: “The number 71 is very important to the older people of Lyme Regis who rely on it for visits to doctors and the shops.

“The scrapping of the Saturday service has now left many people, including myself, unable to leave their homes.

“I have health problems and have been told I cannot drive so recently sold my car – my wife does not drive either.

“Now, the only way for us to get into town is to walk and I cannot do that any more.

“For us the number 71 bus service is certainly vital on a Saturday and I would be delighted if it was reinstated.

“We have been unable to go to events in Lyme Regis like the recent Jazz Festival, which is a real shame.”

Newly elected town councillor Cheryl Reynolds has requested the matter to be considered in a town management committee meeting which was set to take place last night, Wednesday June 11.

She was due to present ways in which she proposes the council could influence the reinstatement of the number 71 Saturday service.

Cllr Reynolds, who was born and educated in Lyme Regis, has organised numerous events over the years to raise funds for good causes in the local community.

Any recommendations from the town management committee will be considered by the full council on June 25.