‘LUCKILY no-one was injured’ – that’s the message from police after a car rolled down a hill and smashed into a shop in Lyme Regis.

The car, a blue Audi registered to a local keeper, was parked in a parking bay on Pound Street, higher up from The Happy Cupcake Company.

It is believed the car suffered handbrake failure and rolled from the parking bay and down the hill into the shop window shortly after 9.30am this morning.

This was before the shop had opened and no-one was believed to be inside the shop, or near the car, when the incident took place.

The car is currently being recovered from outside the shop.

Chris Burt, joint owner of The Happy Cupcake Company, said Lyme Regis police told him what had happened.

He discovered the extent of the damage when he came to open up the shop.

He added: “The car had hit the front of the shop window, rebounded from it and then hit the glass pane again.

“Thankfully there is no serious damage, glass from the window had smashed onto some of our stock and I am now in the process of moving the stock out of the shop.

“Fortunately nobody was inside the shop at the time because we hadn’t actually opened yet.

“I am sorting the matter out with the driver of the car personally.”

Kirsti Ball of Lyme Regis Police said the incident took place at approximately 9.40am this morning.

She added: “Luckily no-one was hurt and there was nobody in the way of the car when it happened.

“We believe the shop owners and car driver are negotiating the matter between them.”