THE first mackerel of the year has been caught from Lyme Regis – and the second and the third.

On his first mackerel trip of the year out to sea, Lyme Regis fisherman Harry May caught three mackerel on Mother’s Day after setting the lines for the first time.

This is the first time the first mackerel catch of the season has hauled in three fish, and also comes a month sooner than last year, with the first mackerel being caught on May 1. Mr May said: “I had gone out by myself to give the boat a run and to set the mackerel lines for the first time to see if everything was right. It was the first time the lines had been set this year and I caught three mackerel immediately.

“This is the first time we have caught three so early on, so it bodes well for the summer ahead.”

The time-honoured Lyme Regis tradition of handing over the first mackerel to the town mayor was duly observed, with Mayor Sally Holman presented with all three mackerel by fisherman Harry May.

Mr May added: “It is quite unusual that they are here so early even though it is great to see them.

“Last year, because it was so cold the sea temperature was right down and the mackerel were very, very late and we didn’t catch a single one until May 1, but this year, because of the mild weather in the winter and the good weather at the moment, they have come early.

“To catch three in March is great. The mayor was absolutely delighted to get them.

“She said she would have been delighted with just one but because there was three it will make her a big meal.”

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