THE world’s largest fast food chain with 41,000 outlets will have a branch open in Bridport by the summer – employing between ten and 15 people.

Subway spokesman Kevin Graham confirmed the multi-national company has had its sights set on Bridport for two years and was negotiating on two properties in the town.

He said: “Bridport has always been high on our list of priorities for development.

“We have had our eye on the town for the last two years. We are currently in negotiations on a couple of different properties in the town and we expect one of those to come to fruition and we fully expect to be trading by the summer.

“It is a key town for us in that part of south west Dorset because it has a strong population base, it is close to West Bay which we know has a great summer trade.

“It is one of the bigger towns we don’t currently have a store and we think there is a lot of potential there.

“It obviously brings benefits to the town in terms of employment.

“Generally the average per store is about ten and if it is a bigger store and we are able to trade slightly longer hours, that number grows.”

He said the intention is for the store not to be just a takeaway but have seating.

He added: “We want to encourage people to come in and sit down to enjoy their sandwiches and enjoy the ambience so it becomes a focal point and meeting place for the local school kids and so on.”