THE pilot episode of a new comedy filmed in and around Bridport has made its online debut on BBC iPlayer.

‘Fuzzbox’, created by Bridport-based multimedia company My Pockets Ltd, features a cast of puppets being used to represent teenage attitudes and behaviour, in what the makers describe as an ‘alternative snapshot of contemporary teenage life’.

Producer Sally Snelling said: “We’re based on St Micahel’s Trading Estate and we filmed scenes all over the town.

“A lot was done in Skilling and on St Mary’s playing fields, you’ll really be able to see a lot of Bridport.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to the Londis in Skilling and the Pierrepoint Gallery in South Street.

“We shot scenes using both of those locations and they were really helpful, they really embraced it.”

The 20-minute pilot took five months to finish and the makers are hoping it could lead to television exposure.

Mrs Snelling said: “Last year in a similar project the shows made it on to terrestrial television in the autumn.

Our film will be on the BBC iPlayer for six months to a year.

“The feedback from the BBC was good, they thought it was a great idea.

“Using the puppets adds a comic feel but it is definitely for adults, some of it is quite rude. It looks great and people will hopefully find it funny.”

The show uses actual recorded conversations with teenagers who have been excluded from mainstream education.

The recordings took place at Weymouth’s Compass Centre and Sherborne Learning Centre.

Peter Snelling, creator of the show, has been working with young people for close to a decade.

My Pockets Ltd runs workshops and goes into schools to connect with youngsters and help them build confidence.

Mrs Snelling added: “The idea was borne from Peter, who had been making films with young and marginalised people for many years, in referral centres and youth centres.

“It is a great way to engage with young people who otherwise might not engage with anything.

“They enjoy and they learn all aspects of filmmaking.”

The programme uses a selection of local people from around the Bridport area, with the puppets being created by Marc Parrot, co-owner of the Lyric Theatre in the town.

His team of puppeteers controlled the puppets, with another Bridport resident, James Price, working on the project as director of photography.

My Pockets Ltd have created and produced multi-award winning films which have been screened by the BBC, the British Film Institute and the Museum of Moving Image, New York.