A LYME Regis couple have thanked neighbours who rallied to help when a burst water pipe flooded their home.

Disabled Peter Williams and wife Shirley said they are 'sincerely' grateful to friends and family for helping them in their hour of need.

They worked to divert water from the couple's house in Summerhill Road as they waited for the supply to be switched off.

Mrs Williams said: “Everyone was brilliant. To live in a neighbourhood like this it's just fantastic.

“I was shocked but I didn't panic because I knew they had it all in hand, I couldn't do anything more than they had done for us.

“I'm sincerely grateful for what they did and to know we've got such supportive family and friends is fantastic.”

Mrs Williams was out for the evening on Saturday and Mr Williams was in another part of the house, unaware of the unfolding drama.

Mrs Williams said: “I was with the Axe Valley Community Choir singing at the Guildhall in Axminster with my phone turned off and knew nothing about it.

“My neighbour Lee Demkiw tried to get hold of me to say there's a problem and he contacted the emergency people at South West Water.”

Mr and Mrs Williams' family raced to the house to help neighbours fight back the water.

Neighbour Vickie Stickler helped with her brother and sister-in-law.

She said: “We noticed that we had lost water pressure in our house and when we opened our back door we had a river running past it.

“We followed it back to the source and realised it was at the top of Pete and Shirley's drive, water was coming out of the pavement.

“Their front room is actually their bedroom and there are patio doors. The water had all pooled up there and was going in through the patio doors.

“We tried to use some planks we found on the drive to re-direct the water to the drains and stop it going in their house.

“It's what you hope anybody would do for anyone else and what I hope people would do for me. You've got to pitch in and help.”

Mrs Williams said the water 'gushed' into their house but the helpers moved most of their bedroom furniture out of the way.

She arrived home to see water pouring down Summerhill Road, King's Way and Staples Terrace.

Mrs Williams said: “The mains water supply and spring off to our property and parted company.

“Our window isn't down on the ground, it's a brick high, so the water was that high. It was like a river.”

Their carpets have been wrecked and will have to be replaced but all the furniture was saved.

South West Water arrived just before 11pm, dug up the pavement to switch the water off, and helped pump water away from the house.