TURN Lyme Green (TLG) is re-launching itself with an event to share new ideas.

The environmental group will be having its first gathering for several years and will also be celebrating its sixth anniversary.

TLG member Candida Blaker said: “There seems to be appetite to renew community environmental activities.”

TLG has invited the Bridport Renewable Energy Group (BREG) to share its experiences with Lyme Regis at an event on Tuesday, March 5.

BREG will be demonstrating and giving a presentation about their DIY anaerobic digester.

As well as all the things you can put into your compost, an anaerobic digester can take grass, cooked food, meat and fish, oil and fat, and stale bread.

The biomass is reduced to about a fifth resulting in a liquid fertiliser and nutrient rich soil.

When heated to 40 degrees bacteria break down the biomass giving off biogas and this gas can be used as an alternative energy source.

BREG believes that anaerobic digestion (AD) could add value to small scale food production.

BREG member Richard Toft said: “We have now built several DIY digesters, at domestic scale, and it is one of these that we will use for the demonstration for Turn Lyme Green.”

Candida said: “This is the first Turn Lyme Green gathering for some time, and we are looking forward to celebrating our sixth year anniversary with some refreshments after BREG has shown us their digestor.

“We can also share news of many other exciting initiatives, and ideas of what we want to do next.”

The event is from 7pm to 9pm at the Town Mill Malthouse and all are welcome, no prior or future commitment is required.

For more information on Turn Lyme Green visit turnlymegreen.co.uk of find them on Facebook.