A TIMELESS story straight from the windswept landscape of Dartmoor comes to Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts, on September 27.

The Story Giant, adapted from the book by legendary Liverpool poet Brian Patten, is a show for adults and children aged 7+.

It deals with the dark, rich history of story and fairytale from around the world, whilst retaining the sense of humour that Shanty Theatre Company has become known for. It’s night time on Dartmoor and a cold wind whistles through the bracken and gorse, making them sing.

Deep in his castle, the Story Giant is dying. Through the centuries he has gathered all the tales in existence. All that is, except one. Tonight his very life relies on finding it.

Rani, Hassan, Liam and Betts wake to realise that something is different. Each of them fell asleep in their own beds and the cold stone of the castle, now beneath them, seems strange. Woven by the giant into one unifying dream, it’s their job to discover the missing story.

As they explore folklore, myth and fairytale from around the world, we meet ghosts, talking skulls, monsters, thieves, tricksters, dragons, and homing chickens. But the giant knows all of these tales, and a great many others too.

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