West Bay colourful picnic tables on the pavement, placed because of complaints of motorcycles parked there. Really!

So the temporary presence of motorcycles ‘obstructing’ the pavement has been replaced with permanent obstructions of garishly painted picnic tables.

What is the Bridport council thinking?

When we have visited the resort there are invariably motorcycles parked around the seating area in the location of the food chalets outside the George public house.

Our experience is that many local and visiting individuals and families are very interested at the spectacle of gleaming motorcycles, often pausing to chat to the owners.

Folk actually travel to the town to admire the bikes.....they may enjoy the harbour and beach as well should their parking ticket allow them time!

Clearly the motorcycling community are responsible for a significant proportion of the revenue enjoyed by the traders of this popular seaside town.

Why then discourage the pleasure of the majority in preference to squandering local taxes on the ‘nimby’ minority.


Green Lane, Crossways