Anyone who is disabled and is in possession of a blue badge will know how frustrating it is when the benefit is so readily misused by so many in Bridport.

You have the ones who do not have a badge at all and are quite capable of parking where they should. You have the ones who offer only the clock part of the blue badge. You have the ones that display the whole badge but you are 99.9 per cent sure it is a relative’s badge.

Then you have the ones like my husband and I, grateful recipients of a blue badge.

We saw in Morrisons car park two train tickets placed on the dash - come on. Probably more of an insult than nothing at all.

Dorset has been named as one of the worst places for clamping down on blue badge fraud and it is about time something was done. Disabled car spaces in the town centre are becoming fewer, or are in the wrong places, then to have them taken away ‘illegally’ is not on.

Whether it be traffic wardens or a dedicated squad to go around and target the people, it needs to be done. I know the council has no claim on supermarket grounds, but maybe a compromise needs to be found.

These spaces are for people who have mobility issues, not for any ‘Tom, Dick or Harry’ to park just because it is a space. Independence is something that when you have it, it’s taken for granted. To have it a little bit longer with the help of parking spaces is a godsend.