Jan Thompson’s letter (January 9) makes mention of me sending greetings to farmers on Christmas Day and that I need to ‘think outside the box that is my little world’.

In the same social media feed to which Mrs Thompson refers (but didn’t mention), she will have seen that on Christmas Day, after cleaning out the cows at my parents’ farm, I left my own family to join a community event in Lyme Regis; to be with those who may not otherwise have a family to celebrate with.

As an aside, I rang the bells in two West Dorset parish churches on Christmas morning, met constituents at the Loders’ Arms before lunch and played the organ for a Carol Service the night before.

So, I just wanted to share the full picture of what I was doing over Christmas in order to counter Mrs Thompson’s very imbalanced letter. I should be very pleased to share more details if she might like to get in touch.

Chris Loder MP for West Dorset