HANDS up all those who can honestly say they are able to follow the mysterious meanderings of Broadchurch 2. I would suggest you need to be a member of Mensa with a jumbo memory to keep in touch with its disjointed collection of sub plots.

I can only think that the writer, aided and abetted by the production team, drunk with the success of the first series, tried to be too clever this time. I sometimes wonder if even the cast know what is going on and, as it was stated, they were only given their scripts a piece at a time.

Maybe they are almost as mystified as the viewers.

It is a crime writer’s job to mystify their audience, but even Agatha Christie – who knew a little bit about the genre – didn’t try to baffle her readers by constantly leaping from one sub plot to another like a demented bullfrog.

If it wasn’t for my interest in the locality I would have given up on it a while ago.

Portland House