RE ‘Problems in the NHS…’ by Barry Bates (January 29 Postbag), I am all for a sensible debate on the issue, and to balance Mr Bates’ letter perhaps some actualities. Unqualified rubbish such as ‘What is certain is that the NHS will not survive another five years of Tory government’ isn’t local and is disingenuous to the facts.

NHS England report 89 per cent of cancer patients believe their care to be excellent, with more patients being treated than ever before, for example.

The Kings Fund reports that ‘the NHS has continued to provide services to a growing population and to maintain the quality of those services’. These are taken from a quick internet search, not based on some fictional, dredged up, unsupported material grounded on a hatred for a political party.

Even the BBC report that patient satisfaction for the NHS is up to its best levels for years, and dissatisfaction down. There certainly are ‘problems in the NHS’ but there are also difficulties in education, police, care services, etc.

Chard Road