I AM sure many readers will have found the headline story in last week’s Bridport News about another problem in the NHS very concerning.

They will know that it is reflected in what friends and relatives are telling us is happening all over the country.

As we approach the election it may be worth voters remembering that our MP Oliver Letwin is one of the main architects of the reforms to the NHS.

These reforms have seen money siphoned off by private companies growing rich at the expense of those using the NHS.

As a result services are fragmented, creating the chaos we are now experiencing.

If the Conservatives led these reforms it should also be remembered that the Liberal Democrats in the coalition chose to support these changes despite repeated assurances they would defend the NHS.

What is certain is that the NHS will not survive another five years of Tory government.

Since 1945 free high quality healthcare for everyone has been a core part of our society.

Everyone knows that the service has declined dramatically since 2010 and patients are suffering as a result. The future of the NHS must be a key issue at the next election.

BARRY BATES Lodge Lane West Allington Bridport