On Monday, January 26 it was the intention of Oliver Letwin to vote for changes in the Trespass Laws, an easement that will allow energy firms to carry out fracking underneath private properties in order to access shale gas, a process which in America, has allegedly been of detriment to the environment and has caused contamination of ground water.

Mr Letwin should have been aware what effect this might have on Dorset but is seemingly prepared on our behalf to allow this exploitation.

Should fracking be allowed, many sites which have already been identified will be subjected to exploitation.

The electorate should be made aware of the views of all prospective candidates, including the present incumbent, on significant matters such as the privatisation of parts of the National Health Service so that we are better informed when we cast our votes in May. The umbrella of party manifestos are not focussed enough for local purposes.

Mr Letwin has a regular column in this paper and might use it to better inform us of his position on the major issues of the day but seemingly does not seize the opportunity to do so.

He made the comment recently that ‘you live and learn’ but I am not sure that in his case I am convinced.

East Street