IN the past it was felt that my censure of Broadchurch was unfair as I had only viewed one episode.

A fair response, so I decided this time I had to give it impartial consideration. Having now watched three episodes of the new series I have to say that I was wrong, it is in fact worse than I initially thought.

What an incredibly dull programme – the script has no credibility, it’s filled with inaccuracies and is just downright boring. The most maddening thing is those ridiculous accents. Broadchurch’s only saving grace is the beautiful scenery, which is the only thing that isn’t false.

Poetic licence certainly took precedence over the current British judicial system with an inaccurate portrayal of a trial more in line with a cheaply made soap opera. Agreed it’s fiction, but it’s a blunder along the lines of spotting power lines or plastic windows in a historical drama.

After all the hype, I was amused to see that even tabloids were now calling it ‘Bored-church’ and viewing figures had dropped.

There has been much publicity recently of the stupidity of people risking their lives by walking and sitting close to the edge of dangerous cliff edges – what example are the producers of Broadchurch setting, showing in the trailers characters standing inches from the edge?

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Burton Bradstock