MY wife and I spend a lot of our time holidaying in and around the Bridport area.

We have had the waste of time road changes in West Bay to contend with, that everyone local has condemned, and now the new parking machines which have been criticised by everyone and rightly so.

My point is if the council is working for the people of the county why have they paid over £3,000 for machines that offer no change?

This only benefits the ones who run the operation not the public.

Highland Road

Meters cause lot of inconvenience

I WOULD like to make a few comments concerning these new devices which have been installed in the town’s car parks.

Firstly I would ask the question: “Is the registration number of a vehicle any business of the council until the said vehicle’s owner has caused an offence by not paying for his stay?”

The attendant can then make a note of the said number and issue a ticket accordingly.

I was conversing with a friend who came across a dyslexic person who had to move their car up to the meter in order to allow another person to enter the registration for them.

Another person was seen going back to a hire car borrowed for the day to write the number on a piece of paper in order to obey the parking rules.

One can only wonder if our council officials realise the amount of inconvenience they are causing many people.

Another question one could put to those in charge is: “Are you attempting to make extra monies from this service to pay for the many expensive mistakes you have made in the past few years?”

These are, namely, the over the top new offices on the prime parking area in Dorchester, the no sale of the former HQ, not to mention the massive sums of money spent on unnecessary road alterations throughout the county. Let’s hope the new man in charge can do better.