BY the number of people attending the debate in the Corn Exchange, Dorchester on local government, it is abundantly obvious there is a certain disquiet over how things are done at West Dorset District Council.

I believe a case has been made for a committee-style of chamber, giving all councillors an equal opportunity to have an input into the affairs of the council.

The end result might very well be the same in that the ruling party would carry sway, but at least members will have a say on the decision making process which, after all, the electors expect of their elected member.

Another aspect of local government, which appears only to have been briefly touched upon, is that of merging the county and district councils.

Here I believe there is a case for a merger.

My main reason is simply that people get confused over the services each authority provides and is responsible for: and with each having to cut and make massive savings in their budgets, this surely in itself is something to be debated.

With the next round of elections only months away, I am sure the electorate would like to know the thinking of its members on such an important topic.

West Dorset District councillor